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Is Revolut Safe ?

Mar 25, 2020 8:21:09 PM / by Prateek Sharma

Before you subscribe and add more money to your Revolut account - you probably want to triple check How safe is Revolut. Any sensible person would do that.


Although Revolut is not a traditional bank, one aspect that makes it safe is the fact that your money is not lent out, which makes it a lot less riskier than a bank that would suffer a lot of non performing debts and bad loans.


Customer funds are safeguarded in accounts with tier one global banks.


Revolut received a European banking licence in December 2019, however it will be some months before this is fully operational. In the meantime we still operate as a UK EMI ( Electronic Money institution)

The company is well funded and the top Fintech company in Europe - making it incredibly  safe.


Additionally, all Revolut cards have the ability to be Frozen/unfrozen from within the app and the contactless feature is also self managed from within the app - making revolut cards very safe. You can also use Revolut virtual cards for single use transactions to be super safe.

Perhaps you could start small - build some trust - get amazed by the incredible features while you do more research - Start for free using the link below:



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