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Mar 25, 2020 8:54:09 PM / by Prateek Sharma

Revolut just launched in USA during March 2020 and it is an exciting new phase for Americans to embrace this amazing Fintech wonder. Millions of users love it globally and now its your turn.

Your Free Revolut card will track your expenses, save you the hassle of dealing with your bank and do the following for you:


1. Change money to any currency and back at almost no cost

2. Set limits on your spending and get analytics on your spend ( no more overspending on takeaway Pizza or that guilty sin online shop with your favorite brands)

3.  Revolut freeze/unfreeze card from within the app - Super safe !

4. Split bills with friends/colleagues - send instant transfers and receive money. Great way to avoid carrying cash for surprise expenses and payments

Dozens of more features and your first card is Free ! Get your card :



Everything you need to know about Revolut here: The Ultimate Revolut Guide

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Prateek Sharma

Written by Prateek Sharma

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