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Best Banks in Ireland

Mar 26, 2020 2:39:35 PM / by Prateek Sharma


Ireland has a fairly competitive banking market with multiple banks offering their services.

One issue that plagues Irish banks is outdated apps, poor online experience and sneaky hidden charges that make them a bad service provider. Digital Banks like Revolut and N26 are slowly taking over the market and offering a whiff of fresh air in an industry that otherwise seems to be stuck in the 1980s. 

Some factors to consider while opening an account are:

1. Time it takes to open an account ( Should be 24 hours or less)

2. Fees for operating an account ( Should be free)

3. Paperwork required ( If they want 15 copies of everything, ditch them asap)

4. ATM Withrawal fees and number of ATMs across the country

5. Additional Services ( Forex, Insurance, Loans, Crypto Support)


This is our list based on research and usage:

1. Permanent TSB - Free account if you get paid into it, Good app and lots of ATMs

2. Revolut - Free, set up within minutes and the best bank app ever

3. Ulster Bank - Lots of Branches, Decent app and fair spread of ATMs

4. Bank of Ireland - The biggest most robust local bank, issues with customer service and outdated apps but the biggest network


If you don't have time and would like to set up an account straight away from the comfort of your mobile phone, use the link below to set up your Revolut account in minutes:




To know more about the Pros and Cons of Revolut: Revolut in Ireland Guide




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