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Mar 26, 2020 1:48:02 PM / by Prateek Sharma

Its very natural to run a comparison of free cards before you sign up for one that works for you.

There are many options available these days and we will look at the top 5 and what is their USP. What makes Revolut better than the other options.

Here is the Revolut comparison chart:


Revolut: Upto £200 (or local equivalent) ATM withdrawal free every month and no charge for Forex conversion or in-country payments

N26: Upto 5 ATM withdrawals free every month. N26 is not as flexible with forex and International usage. Issue is ATM withdrawals in other currencies are not free: 1,7% fee is added

Transferwise: At Par with Revolut and support over 35 currencies and global usage. Only known issue with Transferwise cards is that there is a small fee to send/transfer money

Bunq: This is a relatively new card. Bunq Card uses the Transferwise system in the background so relatively similar in features and comparison

In a nutshell, the comparison between different payment cards in Europe results with a clear winner - Revolut.

Use the link below to sign up for Free !




If you would like to do more research before you sign up - find out more here:

The Ultimate Revolut Guide




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Prateek Sharma

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