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Travelling with Stamp 4 & Stamp 4 EUFam

[fa icon="calendar"] May 26, 2019 6:15:35 PM / by Prateek Sharma

As you see those attractive airline offers and want to travel across Europe - a big question that might ruin your plans is the confusion about your eligibility to travel within the EU.


Non EU Nationals from a lot of countries require Schengen and UK Visas to travel to other EU countries. However, there are some special circumstances and we've tried to cover the topic exhaustively here.


Depending on your nationality and Stamp type, you could in fact travel without a visa to certain EU countries.


Case 1: Stamp4 EUFam: This is the easiest to explain. As part of EU treaty rights non EU family members holding the Stamp 4 EUFam can travel to any EU country as long as the EU Family member is accompanying them.  The only exception here is the Czech Republic, which also allows Stamp4 EU Fam holders to enter even if they are travelling alone. Official proof Here

It is advised that you carry your marriage certificate/ parent-child relationship proof just in case immigration wants to see it.


Case 2: Stamp 4: As of June 2019, Stamp 4 Holders ( Non EU Professionals who are Family members of Irish citizens) - require a Visa to visit other EU Countries. However, this visa is processed on priority and is granted free of charge.


All other visa required nationals with stamps like Stamp1, Stamp2 and Stamp 3 require to apply for Schengen and UK Visas from Ireland before travelling. It is advised to do so in advance and at least a few months before your IRP/ Irish visa is due for renewal.


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Prateek Sharma

Written by Prateek Sharma