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PPS Number for Expats in Dublin

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PPS – Personal Public Service number is an essential requirement for any individual who decides to live in Ireland for over 3 months. Key things to note:

  1. Students, Professionals, unemployed accompanying spouses, children and retired persons – everyone needs a PPS number to register their existence as a resident in Ireland
  2. EU Citizens are not exempt and have to register for PPS as well
  3. The Physical PPS card is widely used as an ID proof and you will need it for almost everything from your drivers licence, medical insurance to finding a job


An evidence of ID and current residence in Dublin ( even if a temporary one) is required to register for the PPS.

PPS for foreign students involves the same process.

All appointments need to be booked at www.mywelfare.ie to visit the PPS offices

The following documents are accepted as proofs for the PPS:

Documents that may accompany an application for a PPS Number


Irish National born in the Republic of Ireland

Irish national born in Northern Ireland and UK citizens

EU Nationals and Other EEA Citizens (Includes EU Nationals and Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway plus Switzerland.

Non EEA National

Birth Certificate/Passport

Birth or Adoption Certificate


Passport or Birth Certificate


Current Valid Passport orNational Identity Card


Current Valid Passport  orCurrent Valid 1951 Travel Document


Photographic Identification

Valid Photographic Identification e.g. Passport or Current Valid Full Irish or UK Driving Licence


Valid Photographic Identification e.g. Current Valid Irish or UK Driving Licence





Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland


The following are not acceptable as Proof of ID

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Employment Identity cards or Personal letters
  • Photo-copies of certificates/document
  • Expired documents (For Irish and UK citizens passports expired within the last 12 months may be accepted)


Any Child born in Ireland is automatically assigned a PPS number which is mailed by the authorities to the registered address of the parents ( as given at the hospital where the child was born).

Also, to avail of any state benefits including healthcare, unemployment, state grants etc – a PPS number is mandatory.

PPS number is issued free of charge and normally takes a week to arrive once you have submitted all documents at the PPS office.

PPS for Expats is a valuable document and should be applied for immediately after arrival in the country – foreigners applying for PPS should try and go there early morning to avoid long lines.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or contact us if you need assistance in getting your PPS number.


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