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Starting a new job in Dublin - What do I need ?

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Documents required to start a job in Ireland


If you are an expat who has just been offered a new position in Dublin, you will have to jump through certain hoops and get some paperwork in order.

In order to get the payroll setup at your employer – you will need to give them your bank account details.

Some employers are happy to credit the salary to another EU country bank account, but most don’t and you will need to open a local bank account in Ireland.

How to open a bank account in Dublin is a question best answered by our downloadable e-book that gives a comparison of banks in Dublin and the best banks in Dublin for expats.                                                   

One things to note is that unlike most Asian/African and US banks – there is a maintenance & usage fee for using Irish banks. You need to pay money just to have an account and then you pay every time you use your own money ( ATM usage etc) – so make sure you have checked those costs before choosing a bank.


The other mandatory document would be the PPSN – Personal public service number.

The process to get a PPS number in Dublin is fairly straightforward and you would need the letter from your employer and a proof of address to register for it.

Non EU nationals would also be required to present proof of legal residence (long term visa, GNIB registration card)

 How to get a PPSN in Dublin - Refer to our blog

The third document would be the GNIB registration for all Non EU nationals – as all non EU nationals enter Ireland on a single entry visa – this is a 2 step registration.

First – Extend the visa from the initial 90 days to a longer term ( 1/2/5 years depending on your contract and the category of visa you are eligible for).

Second – Once you have received a long term visa, convert it from single entry to multiple entry.

The cost of GNIB registration for all non EU nationals is 300 Euros.

Both registration and multi entry services are done at the same office – GNIB – Garda National Immigration Beareu which is located at 13/14 Burgh Quay Dublin 2.


Our advice – as soon as you have your PPS number – register for Irish tax credits. The tax department is called REVENUE and every individual is entitled to certain tax credits (tax savings) every year. The sooner you register, the less are the chances of you missing out on ay credits.


I don’t have a PPS number – your company would still let you start work, but you would pay emergency tax which is as high as 52% depending on your pay grade. So if you don’t have a PPS number as a foreigner – you are at risk of paying high taxes!


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