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First 5 things to do in Dublin for new arrivals

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If you are an expat who has just arrived in Dublin, we can guide you in the right direction towards what needs to be handled first.

First 5 things to do for foreigners in Dublin includes the following:


1. Non EU Nationals should register with Garda - Police in Dublin is called the Gardai and the office where the registration can be done is GNIB ( Garda National Immigration Bureau) at 13/14 Burgh Quay. Walking distance from O Connell Bridge on the South side of the river.



2. Foreigners should register for PPS number - Our other blog How should expats get PPS number in Dublin can help you with that.




3. Get a local Sim card - Sim cards are free and a local number in Dublin can help you in having a local number for jobs or use cheap overseas call plans for expats from some specific mobile networks




4. House Hunting in Dublin - House hunting in Dublin for expats can be quite a tedious task and we reccomend you start quickly to avoid staying in a temporary place for long. House sharing in Dublin for expats is also very common and foreigners sharing apartments in Dublin is a very common phenomenon



5. Open a bank account - This is a complex maze and the sooner you start the better it is, considering PPS - address - bank account - employment contracts are all inter-related and are bound to confuse you.




6. HAVE A PINT OF GUINNESS - Relax, take a step back, people who are new to dublin should unwind and enjoy the first few days in this beautiful city which will now be your home. Confused about where to have the best pint of guinness in Dublin ? Refer to our guide: Dublin Pub guide for dummies




Any questions or suggestions are welcome and we will be happy to include them in our post.




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