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Cheap Car parts in Ireland

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 7, 2023 11:28:32 AM / by Prateek Sharma

Now that you've bought a car and have been driving around - sooner or later you will need that wiper, that fused bulb, that fancy dashcam or a part that the NCT lords command you to replace.

Its important to know that the exact same car parts and accessories cost about 25%-30% different depending on where you buy them from. There are many car part suppliers in Ireland. Whether you are looking for BMW Spare parts for that shiny machine or you need a new car battery in Ireland or find yourself in need of New car tyres in Ireland, the prices for these can vary widely and you might end up overspending.

We've compiled this list of sources for your car parts that can help you save some quick bucks:


1. Adverts.ie - Search for the specific car part on this site/app to check if another car owner has an extra/unused part that they are willing to give away for a lower price than retail. You would be amazed at how you'd be able to find parts that are heavily discounted as the owners might want to clear out their attic. This is a peer to peer transaction to feel free to place a bid


2. Micksgarage -  Undoubtedly the king of discounted original car parts ( and other stuff like toys) in Ireland. They even offer next day delivery for a small fee and deliver free of charge for purchases over €50. If you want to service your car in Ireland on your own or do a Cheap car service in Ireland - you can buy the service parts and do a bit of DIY


3. Findapart - If you find yourself in a situation where you need a specific part that isnt commonly available or is for a out of production vehicle - then you can try and look for it on findapart. This is a network of car breakers who might have that part in their inventory from an old scrap car of the same model.


Our Verdict - The warranty and assurance of a new car product in Ireland is probably the best bet and Micksgarage is your best bet.  Click here to access discounted prices on Micksgarage.


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Prateek Sharma

Written by Prateek Sharma