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Dublin is a relatively small city with 2 major divides – The North & the South side.

The question you might ask is “is north Dublin better or South” ? We will leave the decision up to you and for now, just tell you the most dangerous areas in Dublin. Is Dublin safe or not has a simple answer - Yes, it is a safe city and common sense on avoiding being a victim of crime is to be applied just as in any other European city.

As the wise high sparrow once said, if you grew up in the dodgy areas of Dublin – you can live anywhere without fear.

Relax ! We know you moved to Dublin to enjoy the unlimited sunshine, sandy beaches and great food – getting stabbed in Dublin or getting mugged in Dublin while living in one of the dangerous areas of Dublin wasn’t your plan.

In order to help new arrivals choose wisely, we have compiled a list of No-Go areas in Dublin.

And when we mean don’t live there – we mean don’t go there on adventure day trips either.


In the interest of Dublin expat safety, we pick the cherries on the cake called Danger:-


6 Most dangerous areas in Dublin for expats (and mild mannered locals too)


 1. Ballymun – Postcode – Dublin 11


This beautiful neighbourhood was once known for its iconic skyscrapers which were the tallest in Dublin. Only recently in 2015 those towers were demolished, bringing down memories and also a safe haven for junkies who could inject needles into their arms without the prying eyes of the cruel world. You will most likely drive through Ballymun on the way to IKEA or the airport and we think that’s as close enough you should go.

Areas in Dublin


2.Ballyfermot – Postcode – Dublin 10


This charming suburb offers one of the highest chances of getting assaulted in Dublin. Outsiders are not looked at very kindly, which has helped maintain the indigenous demographics of the area – a great preservation of culture tactic indeed!


Dublin ballyfermot



3.Finglas – Postcode – Dublin 11

Another diamond in Dublin 11’s crown – Finglas is the star child of Dublin postcodes. Featured regularly in the news for action packed reasons such as stabbings and shootings, the area is known for its love for weapons. There are parts of Finglas that are populated with normal, hard-working decent people but who cares about the boring stuff ? It’s the top 10% action stars of Finglas that have made sure it makes through to this list.


Finglas in Dublin



4.Clondalkin – Postcode – Dublin 22

Not very far from Ballyfermot is another special sanctuary of peace called Clondalkin. Officially called Clondalkin village in Dublin, the area has a diverse population and several foreigners choose to call it home. However, it might be in your best interest to note that very recently in 2015 – an African origin woman and her family were forced to leave the area after their house was painted with racist graffiti and threats were made. If you like a being an anti-Apartheid activist, please book a viewing at one of the many available accommodations in Clondalkin immediately.


Dublin Expat safety


5.Thomas Street – Coombe – Inchicore – Postcode – Dublin 8


This is as close as it gets to securing some action near the city centre. If you been hassled by a drunk/junkie on your way to the Guinness storehouse – you know where this is going. The area has several council estates, unemployment rates are high and as night falls you will be able to see groups of young boys & girls just wandering about or parking themselves on street corners looking for that next curious onlooker they can either mug or just mess with. Judging by their fancy running shoes and sporty pyjamas, you might believe they have just come back from a gym session at the school – you would be wrong on both counts – They neither do sports nor go to school ( on most days).


Expat safety dublin


6.Sheriff Street – Postcode – Dublin 1

Saving the best for last, even the most seasoned home grown Irish are known to leg it when in the vicinity of Sheriff Street just behind the IFSC near the city centre. The articulately painted graffiti message at the beginning of Sheriff Street reads “ Guards Stay out – Rats stay out” – English Translation “ Police is prohibited from entering – Snitches can go snitch somewhere else “. In the news for drug and gang related activity, we would advise all new arrivals in Dublin to stay away from Sheriff street in Dublin.


Unsafe areas Dublin


Depending on where you live and where your loyalties are – this list can be controversial and open to suggestions.

This list was purely based on statements from victims of crime in Dublin and Dublin criminal records public information.


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