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25 Essential Dublin slangs for expats in Dublin

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New to Dublin ?
This is a comprehensive list of Dublin slangs, phrases and keywords that would help any newcomer to Dublin fit in easily and help you make new freinds in Dublin with confidence !

To Make it easier to understand, I have included examples !

1. GAS - No, not the smelly kind. GAS means awesome. Example - You crack a joke and everyone goes " That's Gas!"



2. GAFF - No, not related to GAS. Gaff is a place of residence. A house, apartment or peigonhole considering current rents. Example - " You lads wanna come back to my gaff for some after party drinks ?"



3. Yerr Man - During your conversation this could be referring to someone you know or an unknown third person. For Example, While referring to the famous Muhammad Ali knockout " Yerr man knocked the hell out of that other boxer"


4. Craic - Pronounced Crack . Literally means good fun, good time. Make sure you don't end up asking for it in the US, there is room for confusion here. Example - " We went for this concert, it was good Craic "




5. Eejit - The irish version of Idiot. No examples needed unless you are one.




6. Gizz a - A very Dublin north inner city rendition of 'Give us'. Example - " Gizz a pint of Guinness, will ya"


7. Me Bollocks - A loving reference to the male sperm factory while emphasizing on the fact that you couldn't care any less. Example " Yerr man called me for  a loan, he could ask me bollocks "



8. Ask Me Arse - In the same vicinity as me bollocks, means pretty much the same. Example - You still need an example ? Ask me arse.


9. I was Scarlet - Very literal, an embarrasing situation that gets you red. Example " Me neighbour caught me shifting a stranger  I was Scarlet I tell ya "



 10. An Aul one - Not that hard to comprehend. Simply an irish version of 'An Old one'. Referring to Mr. Burns ? Yeah, he's an aul one.




11. I'll do it now, in a minute - This could be a brain twister for a new arrival in Dublin. It means I would do it right away. The phrase however does leave room for confusion. 


12. Whenever you're ready - Jaysus! This is something you'll hear 10 times every single day. From restaurants to supermarkets - whenever it's time to pay you would be given this false hope that you can get away with a good story about how you are'nt ready ! Every bill is presented with this phrase. Example " It will be 23 Euros and 10 cents, whenever you're ready". 




13. Grand - A word with a million utilities. A Generic acknowledgement that could be mean 'Alright' or ' 'Good'. Example, " How do Iook ? - You're Grand, dont worry ". or " Do you think i'll reach the airport in time ? - Yeah, you'll make it, you're grand "




14. Culchie - The way a dubliner would refer to someone from the country. Village person, uncool peasant, non cultured slug would be the right ways to describe how a D4 snoot would think of a Culchie.




15. Shift - Now this is a unique one. Shifting is the process of making out/intense kissing with a random hookup. Can also be used amongst freinds as an acronym for screwed. Examples - " Lads! I met this young wan at Coppers last night and shifted her" or " That Chinese tradesman sold Sean fake Prada bags, Sean totally got shifted "




16. Puss - Face. Yes, it means face and I have no historical or logical data to quote its origins.


17. The Head on ya this morning - What is wrong with you today ?




18. Dense - Someone who is slow and exhibits lower than usual IQ levels. Dumb is the closest english word that can replace Dense. Example - " I told you not to leave the heating on, you let the house scorch all day ! You're bloody Dense, arent ya "



19. Minerals - Well, this is exact opposite of anything healthy. Sodas ( Pepsi, Coke etc) are referred to as Minerals. And no, this does not require an example unless you're a Culchie.


20. Fair Play - Appreciating someone's sincere efforts or intentions. Example - " That lucky bastard won the lottery, but fair play to him he'd been buying tickets for the last 15 years everyday "



21. Knacker - A touchy subject, this one is left off many lists but you'd hear it frequently. Knacker refers to a non contributing member of the society, usually on government welfare and prone to commit crimes. For a lot of Irish , it automatically refers to a member of the travelling community ( Irish gypsies). Example - Go see a live example on Moore Street or one riding his horse in Clondalkin.




22. Gobshite - Idiot, Stupid, Dense. So many variants to explain this one. Example - You sir, are an absolute Gobshite if you still need an example.


23. The Press - No, don't get excited to see a mini laundrette in every apartment. The Press ( referred to as HP - Hot Press) is an integral part of every Irish home. This is the water boiler room, or the little closet with the water pump and some makeshift space for your coats. Example - the property layout maps for every apartment/house you check would have an 'HP'


24.Nixer - Someone who accepts cash for a job, for obvious tax related reasons.



25. I will, yeah - Dripping with sarcasm, this is one of my favourites. This one means 'I will absolutely not do it'. Example " John, will ya clean the house while I'm gone ? - I will, yeah  I'll let me bollocks know" 



Have some more ? leave a comment below and we will add them to the list !




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