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North vs South Dublin - The big Dublin debate

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For all newcomers to this beautiful city, the postcode system can seem all over the place but it’s fairly straightforward – All even numbered post codes are in South Dublin and all odd numbered postcodes are North Dublin.


There you go, we solved the riddle for you! Now you know that Dublin 2, Dublin 8 and Dublin 6 are Southside and it’s safe to call anyone residing in Dublin 1, Dublin 7 or Dublin 13 a Northsider!


Dublin North Dublin South Dublin Post codes 

FUN FACT: Phoenix park is technically North Dublin but is still considered part of Dublin 8 since the American ambassador lives in Phoenix park and he doesn’t fancy being called a Northsider !


You might have come across recommendations that ask a new resident to steer clear of the Northside – the advice is not completely baseless. There are dodgy parts of Dublin that would scare even the toughest of the Irish, but these areas exist on both South & North side of the Liffey.

If you are moving to Dublin for work and would work in one of the IT companies in Grand Canal Dock or IFSC then you would not be very far from the City Centre.

The Postcodes that cater to city centre and its vicinity are mentioned below:

  1. Dublin 1 – City centre North – This is the area around the Spire, the big metal pole/needle on O’Connell street and the Red Tram Line ( Red LUAS) serves this area.
  2. Dublin 2 – City centre South – This is the area right after crossing O’Connell street and coming onto the South Side. The Green Tram Line ( Green LUAS) serves this area. Grafton street and Stephens Green are good reference points for Dublin 2
  3. Dublin 7 (partially) – On the north of the river, the areas of Smithfield and Stoneybatter are the only ones that would be within walking distance of the city centre
  4. Dublin 8 ( partially) – On the South of the river, the areas of Usher’s Quay, Bride Street and Portobello are within walking vicinity of the city centre proper


So the logic is – the bigger the number ( 13,22,17) – the farther the area is from the city centre

It can be challenging to identify the safe areas in Dublin if you are new. The question of where to live in Dublin is one that rings in every expat's mind. 

Refer to my blog on ‘WHERE TO LIVE IN DUBLIN GUIDE’ for an in-depth analysis on areas that are favourable and areas that are a strict no-go.


Coming back to the postcode system, the Irish government also invested heavily in the Eircode system which is a great way to shorten your address and make sure your mail/parcels are delivered without hassles.


Every address in Ireland has its own Address Code, called the Eircode. The eircode makes mail/courier correspondence very easy. For example: If you wish to send a Christmas card to ‘Coppers’,(the popular nightclub on Harcourt Street), you would need to write the full address which is:

Copper Face Jacks, The Jackson Court Hotel, 29/30 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

However, the same can be done by simply mentioning the Eircode : D02 XV58


There you go - Just 7 characters instead of a whole address !


If you wish to find the Eircode for your apartment/house , just visit - https://finder.eircode.ie/#/



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